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MINELAB SDC presents its latest design in metal detection. Discover now the MINELAB SDC2300. He finds small nuggets as well as the famous “nuggets of retirement”. Underwater and on land, you will be seduced by its ease of use and its effectiveness to any test.


Compact, waterproof and easy to use

Effective on all types of terrain, the MINELAB SDC2300 brings you a search for veins easier than you could ever dream of, even in hard-to-reach areas, or in gold zones.

Its pulsed induction system makes it almost insensitive to the effect of soil. In this way, the power and penetration performance of MINELAB SDC2300 remain extremely satisfactory, even on wet sand. The device uses the MPF technology which allows you to spot the smallest nuggets. We have received many testimonials from amateurs, having detected nuggets with a weight equal to 0.04 gram.


1.Simplified settings: even beginners can easily use this device, thanks to the simplification of its settings.
2.Automatic assistance: the detector compensates for itself the ground effects thanks to its mode of assistance.
3.Foldable detector: Storing and transporting a metal detector has never been easier. The SDC2300 fits easily into any backpack. The dimensions of the folded device: 216 x 400 mm only.
4.Optimum waterproofness: nothing can disturb your search, not even a body of water. The MINELAB SDC2300 gold detector can be completely under water. It resists up to 3 meters deep. Thus, its effectiveness does not deteriorate in a stream, a river, in rainy weather, in a pond, etc.
5.No assembly: this device does not disassemble. So you never have a problem assembling or losing parts. In one piece you can easily fold and unfold.
6.Guaranteed 2 years.

Technical specifications
PREDICTION FIELD All types of terrain + wet sand beaches
FREQUENCY OF DETECTION Pulsed Induction MFP Technology
PRINCIPLE OF OPERATION Pulsed Induction – Multitons
DISC TYPE Monoloop concentric disc 20 cm
WEIGHT 2,5 kg
POWER SUPPLY 4 LR14 – 1,5V alkaline batteries
AUTONOMY 15 hours
CANE Telescopique