NOKTA invenio


NOKTA invenio, the intelligent detector

The NOKTA Invenio metal detector for a new era of detection. Indeed, it is the world’s first intelligent detection and imaging system.



NOKTA Invenio: first intelligent detector

Indeed, the NOKTA Invenio detector is said to be intelligent because it provides in real time the shape. But also depth, dimensions and discrimination of underground metals and anomalies / cavities of the soil.

Thus, it aims that you can detect deep treasures, coins, relics, hiding places, anomalies of the ground … That is why it has an excellent capacity of discrimination. Thus, you can save time when detecting targets. In addition, it combines high performance and unparalleled depth. As a result, it allows you to discover targets that other detectors could not reach.

Then, it also associates fast recovery speed. That is, it detects what others have not found among irons and waste.

Méthode de recherche avec NOKTA invenio

NOKTA Invenio: its search modes

In order for this detector to be efficient, it has several search modes. Indeed, you will find 3 search modes without movement: basic, expert, soil anomaly and cavity. Or, 2 motion search modes: all metal, fast, deep.

Thus, thanks to its modes, as well as to the multitude of languages proposed. But also to its high-tech system, it will adapt perfectly to your needs. Indeed, enjoy a wireless connection so that the case and screen communicate easily. In addition, to get the most out of your detector, take advantage of firmware updates online.

Finally, for a simple search, you have an LED flashlight. As well as a backlighting of the screen, vibrations during the detection of the target, to detect in all circumstances.



NOKTA invenio – Spécifications techniques

Operating System Embedded Linux System
Graphic Process OPEN GL
Sensor IPTU (Integrated Positional Tracking Unit)
Operating Principle VLF
Operating Frequency Standard: 14kHz Pro: 5kHz/14kHz/20kHz
Audio Frequencies 150 Hz – 700Hz adjustable
Search Modes (3 Non-Motion (Including Ground Anomaly/Cavity) / 3 Motion)
Iron Audio Yes
Tone Break Yes
Notch Filter Yes
Ground Balance Automatic / Manual / Tracking
Pinpoint Yes
Frequency Shift Yes
Vibration Yes
Sensitivity Setting 01-99
Target ID 00-99
Search Coils INV28 Waterproof DD 28x18cm, INV40 Waterproof DD 40x35cm, INV56 Waterproof DD 56x49cm (included in pro package only)
Display 7″ 800×480 18 Bit RGB TFT Screen
Backlight Yes
LED Flashlight Yes
Weight System Box: 1.7kg (with 5500 mAh battery) Shaft and Handle: 2.4kg
Length 121cm -152cm adjustable
Shaft Battery 7.4 V 5400 mAh LiPo
System Box Battery 7.4 V 5500 mAh LiPo
System Box Spare Battery 7.4 V 9500 mAh LiPo (included in pro package only)
Shaft Battery Life Without sensor – up to 20 hours, with sensor: up to 10 hours
System Box Battery Up to 7 hours
System Box Spare Battery Up to 13 hours
Warranty 2 years
Patents Displaying the shape & dimensions of metals, displaying the depth of metals, displaying ground anomalies / cavities

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