NOKTA ANFIBIO MULTI, the Waterproof metal detector

The NOKTA ANFIBIO MULTI detector has been designed to be totally waterproof. This detector is the most powerful and complete detector in the NOKTA MAKRO ANFIBIO series. This device allows you to have incredible performance in terms of speed on all types of terrain.




NOKTA ANFIBIO MULTI, Frequency Metal Detector

This brand new model features a wireless headset that allows you to use multiple frequencies: 5 kHz, 14 kHz and 20 kHz. This device gives you access to many features and settings. Easy to use, it saves you valuable time when searching for metals. In addition, the NOKTA ANFIBIO MULTI has 7 reels in options.

The detector is Waterporoof up to 5 meters. Indeed, it is as powerful underwater as on land. This detector will quickly become your best detection companion. The unique menu of NOKTA ANFIBIO MULTI offers you optimal use that will save you a lot of time.

Thanks to its many features you will lose less time digging because it has a very precise target detection system. In addition, it also allows you to search for metals on different types of soils such as wet sand or underwater. Indeed, this detector will allow you to find forgotten metals where other detectors have already passed. This device will satisfy you no matter the situation!

Caractéristiques supplémentaires du NOKTA ANFIBIO MULTI

The NOKTA ANFIBIO MULTI is a detector that has all the features to allow you to make incredible discoveries! The device is ultra-powerful and surprisingly fast. This internal system of the device can be updated to take advantage of new features. It also has a vibration system that allows you to detect your target even under water. The detector has also been designed to be able to perform searches of nights and thanks to the backlighting of its keyboard, you will not miss any target.

NOKTA ANFIBIO MULTI – Spécifications techniques

Programs  : 9 programs (GEN, 2 Tone, 3 Tone, 4 Tone, 5 Tone, 99 Tone, Beach, Deep and Cache)

Frequency :5,14 and 20 kHz

Land types :All land with beach and aquatic

Screen type :Backlit

Operation: Multi-tone metals

Automatic or manual ground effects settings

Weight 1.7 Kg

Autonomy 19 hours

Disc Double-D 28 centimeters waterproof

Cane telescopic and straight rod Water resistance 5 meters

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